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0.9.8a (10/15/2003)


0.9.8 (10/02/2003)

Sylpheed Win32

0.7.5 (06/09/2003)

Claws Win32

0.9.8 (10/01/2003)

Sylpheed is an e-mail client (and news reader), based on GTK+. It's fast and efficient. It gets the job done with no fuss while still sporting a ton of features.

Sylpheed-Claws is the bleeding edge branch of Sylpheed maintained by a seperate team. Most non-core features are in Claws before they are in the main Sylpheed release.

<! New --> There seems to be a GTK2 port of Sylpheed now. Please visit the Sylpheed-GTK2 page to download it.

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